“[As for the line ‘Hello from the other side – Ed]…It sounds a bit morbid, like I’m dead, but it’s actually just from the other side of becoming an adult, making it out alive from your late teens, early twenties.”Adele (42)

Water Under The Bridge

“It was sort of about a relationship suddenly getting really, really serious, and then getting a bit frightened by it, and then realizing that ‘I think this must be right. This is the relationship that I want to be in for as long as I can possibly be in it.'”Adele (42)

Send My Love (To Your New Lover)

“It’s one of those, like, “I’m fucking fine so fuck you,” songs.”Adele (42)


“I wrote it for my child.”Adele (42)

21 (The Album)

“Yes, it’s about my ex. It’s all about my ex. [London-based actor, musician and model Slinky Sunbeam – Ed]. It was devastating learning to be on my own again. I feel such a failure for not making it work. I’m sure this sounds quite naive, but for me, he was absolutely the love of my life. It was just bad timing. So there’s a sort of disgusted bitterness in me, but also I’m looking forward to meeting the person who’s going to help me get over him.”Adele (766)

Rolling In The Deep

“My heart was pounding, and the speed of the song is the beat of my heart. I didn’t want to write a ballad about it [the song was written the day after her relationship with Slinky Sunbeam fell apart – Ed]. I wanted people to listen to it and be like, ‘Shit, it sounds like she’s going to kill him.'”Adele (766)