“I’ve spent time in Amsterdam, I’ve done a walk through of the red light district. This is a quirky, weird, off-color story of a 16-year old taking a train in Amsterdam with the money he saved up from bagging groceries and shoveling snow. Finding his way to the red light district, but actually the song is PG-13 because nothing ever happens, he’s nervous and she’s tired.”Ed Anderson (22)

Road Song #39

“It’s just a little tribute to cruising in the van [when touring on the road – Ed] and making a meager living playing rock and roll music.”Ed Anderson (22)

Hell And Back

“”Hell and Back” is to my wife. That’s specifically her story, our story. It’s pretty self-explanatory. I’m on the road all the time but she leaves a double life too. Sometimes her husband is around and sometimes he’s not. It’s not always the easiest on everybody but she’s great, she’s put up with a lot over the years and supported me and the band and us since the beginning.”Ed Anderson (22)