Bad Company

“I got the idea of this dark, mysterious, vast expanse of the Wild West. This lawless, featureless area where you want to go out and try and settle. The chords seem to portray this feeling of being way out there, having to survive with yourself, with your family, however you could in a lawless world of nature.”Paul Rodgers (1129)

Rock ‘n’ Roll Fantasy

“I needed to write a song for the album. I actually had one of the first synth guitars and when you got it going it made some fantastic sounds. It had harpsichord sounds, it had the bass. I was putting all these sounds in and I thought, “this is like a rock ’n’ roll fantasy this guitar.” Then I thought, “what would a rock ’n’ roll fantasy be?” Well, it’d be being on stage, the lights, the crowd, everybody singing and I just built the song around that.”Paul Rodgers (1129)