To Love Somebody

“We wrote this for Otis Redding but unfortunately he died before he could record it. So this is our tribute to Otis Redding.”Robin Gibb (26)

Stayin’ Alive

“”Stayin’ Alive” was written because we wanted to write a song about New York and the cultural effect the city had on people and I think that that whole [Saturday Night – Ed] fever thing was based on that. The very term “The New York Times’ effect on man” which is in the lyrics is really what we mean by the song, so it’s sort of a social comment.”Barry Gibb (27)


“This was an emotional thing between the three of us and something we wanted to say to Robert. He’d done so much for us and opened so many doors for us and made things happen like nobody else had ever done and so we dedicate this song to Robert Stigwood.”Barry Gibb (28)