She Talks To Angels

“”She Talks to Angels” is a funny song in that so many people resonate with it. The dark details like drugs and things like that would be a part of growing up and being in this world, but when I wrote that song I had no idea – I hadn’t done any of those things. I hadn’t lived that – everything was in my imagination.”Chris Robinson (44)


“”Remedy” is a song that essentially is about freedom. We were into the whole idea that the “war on drugs” was just silly – it was this asinine concept to me and millions of other people. So that song to me is about freedom, plain and simple, just put in a rock & roll framework.”Chris Robinson (44)

My Morning Song

“About being intoxicated for great lengths of time. I’m not condoning it unless you’re really good at it.”Chris Robinson (590)

Sting Me

“It’s hard to spend a lifetime listening to hypocrites and liars so they keep running their mouths and we’ll keep writing the songs.”Chris Robinson (1286)

Goodbye Daughters Of The Revolution

“It’s a counter-culture message for people in the know, if you will. It’s a little bit how freedom’s a two-way street, if you want to get into those concepts, let’s get into them. It’s not just rhetoric, you don’t throw around that word ‘freedom’ like that.”Chris Robinson (1286)

Walk Believer Walk

“It’s the venomous side of The Blues. It’s a little bit fire and brimstone. It’s not a song about going some place bad, it’s a song about getting past, you know, straight into the sun. I just envisioned beautiful, zombie hippy people walking into outer space, leaving it all behind – gentle people.”Chris Robinson (1286)

Wiser Time

“It’s a classic road song. When you dedicate your life to traveling and playing music, what that experience is, what that adventure is, lies in there for those of us trying to make the connections.”Chris Robinson (1286)
“It’s a song about constantly being in motion which has been happening to my brother and I for the last 30 years. It’s a nice experience once you get use to it.”Chris Robinson (1287)