For What It’s Worth

“Is about the LA riots.”Graham Nash (92)
“It’s so enigmatic. It doesn’t really come down on either side. It’s about being mistreated by the police at home, and it was also a shout out and a little message to the boys over in ‘Nam who were trying to just get through the day.”Stephen Stills (188)
“‘For What It’s Worth’ was me going, ‘Psst, I think we’re in trouble.’ The troops in Nam took it as their marching song. It became the theme song for the entire Third Marines for a while. From then on, I was kind of known for that. Everybody was looking for a political message in everything I wrote, like I was running for the Senate at 24. I said, ‘Hang on, wait just a minute, I do not know the rules of the Senate’.”Stephen Stills (946)

Four Days Gone

“I started [writing songs – Ed] when I went to California a few months later. I ran into a draft dodger and wrote that song ‘Four Days Gone’ about him.”Stephen Stills (946)