This Is The Stuff

“”This is The Stuff,” the stuff that drives me crazy, that was our idea. And I came up with like 20 different frustrating things, and we just picked our favorites. So I honestly can’t remember. But the idea of me losing my keys and my phone is very true to my life. I’m constantly having my husband call my phone because I can’t find it, and then it happens to be in my purse or in my pocket – it’s a very true line.”Francesca Battistelli (150)

Hundred More Years

“It definitely is a good picture of when we got married, for sure. But I wrote the song with Diane Glover when my husband and I were pregnant and we weren’t telling people yet. So the second verse about having a little girl – we had a little boy, now he’s 10 months. But that was definitely in my head, too. I wanted the song to go through someone’s life and talk about having your child, and so when it actually went there I was really excited. Because I didn’t tell them yet that we were pregnant, I told them after. But I just wanted to see if we would go there naturally in the writing session. And we did.”Francesca Battistelli (150)

Emily (It’s Love)

“We wanted to write a song to girls and young women, encouraging them to know how much they’re loved by God. We picked the name Emily because it had a nice ring to it. We hear about it on Twitter and Facebook, but if I’m singing the song live, I always ask if there are any Emilys in the crowd, and there’s always one girl who raises her hand, and I sing it to her, and she usually freaks out. But I love the idea that it’s a song that Emilys can, in particular, feel connected to, but that girls can take a hold of and say, “You know what, you’re right. I am loved and I am important, and it doesn’t really matter what the world does, because God says that I’m special”.”Francesca Battistelli (150)