“Relationships are very interesting, aren’t they. “Untied” is one of those moments of being really just enthralled with someone and there’s a lot of mood in that song.”Jenni Alpert (189)

The Bottom

“It’s a song from the heart about who we are as people and how we have challenges and we have to grow and find our way. If we let ourselves be free then we are free.”Jenni Alpert (189)
Jenni Alpert The Bottom

Breakin Down

“When you first have a crush or fall in love with somebody or think you are falling in love. All of a sudden, it’s not just a crush, you can say the words, “I’ve really fallen in love with this person,” and you know what that means. It’s like everything you consider yourself to be built from is completely broken down.”Jenni Alpert (189)