Just Fine

“”Just Fine” is about uplifting yourself and having hope for your future, whatever your future is.”Mary J. Blige (298)

Come To Me (Peace)

“”Come to Me” is about one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. You know in your relationships you’re having this string of arguments, you’re in this really uncomfortable situations where neither one of you wants to say, “I was wrong,” even if you wasn’t wrong, just to make the peace. The song’s about trying to forgive and it’s one of the hardest things I ever had to learn to do – to forgive.”Mary J. Blige (298)

Be Without You

“So long as he’s not blacking my eye, cheating on me, beating on me, and all we have are personality clashes then I don’t want to be without him, he’s a good brother. That’s what this song is about.”Mary J. Blige (298)

Hurt Again

“This is a part of our growing pains because, no matter who you get with, they love you and you’ve never experienced this kind of lover before because you’ve been hurt so many times. You’re not going to fully expose yourself to them, you’re not going to do it because you’ve been burned so much.”Mary J. Blige (298)