Hell Is For Children

“Well, that song was inspired by an article that Patricia read in the New York Times about child abuse. That started the lyric off, and the lyric went from her to Roger. Roger added a few lines to that. And then some form of the melody started being constructed. I got a hold of it and I finished writing the melody and I worked on the chorus, and I did the outro section to build it up, because I wanted the whole song to be very sad as the beginning. I wanted to make it intense so you could really feel the pain of what the song was about. So by the time it ended, you’ve got to be exhausted. And that was the point. “Hell is for hell,” like a very powerful moment. And so that’s where the inspiration came from, an article written about child abuse. And then everybody thought that it was real. They thought that Patricia was abused as a child, which wasn’t the case. She had a great upbringing. You couldn’t get more Happy Days-like than her. [Neil is Pat’s guitarist and husband – Ed].”Neil Giraldo (330)

Promises In The Dark

“I was so embarrassed to write it and let him know it was about him [Neil Giraldo – Ed] so I slid the lyrics under the door so I didn’t have to see his face.”Pat Benatar (1254)