Hold My Hand

“I was writing a song with Mark Stephen Jones and we were out on the yard throwing a baseball. He took off his glove and said, “I’ve always wanted to write about that moment when you’re with somebody and you run into their ex and you’re thinking, come on, this would be a really good time to hold my hand.” I was like, “Mark, that’s it!” so we started writing that.”Brandy Clark (488)

Take A Little Pill

“This came from my observation on the prescription pill epidemic in our country and just how, if you have an Uncle who’s an alcoholic, everybody talks about it, but if you have an Aunt that’s pilled out, nobody really talks about it, it’s just sort of an accepted addiction.”Brandy Clark (488)

Pray To Jesus

“It’s kinda about the way that we grew up and have lived most of our lives: just hoping for something a little better, loving where we’re at but hoping to hit that jackpot on the lottery and hopefully go to heaven one day.”Brandy Clark (488)