“I’m not sure if it was written just before or just after 9/11, it just seemed so poignant at the time. I was on the other side of the world but it felt like the world had come to an end. But it’s also very personal. It’s a personal statement of belief about what someone thinks is good and thinks is bad.”Will Champion & Guy Berryman (84)


“‘Yellow’ refers to the mood of the band. Brightness and hope and devotion. It’s quite concise – you don’t have to expand on it. It strikes a chord, gets across.”Chris Martin (631)

Everything’s Not Lost

“It’s a chain-gang song. People who write happy songs are often unhappy. Bill Withers knew every day wasn’t a lovely day. But ‘Everything’s Not Lost’ is the message of the album. I do exactly what that song does — think everything’s terrible, what’s the point, and then think the point is it’s not that terrible, you’ve got to keep going. The thing is, our lives are great. We’ve had a funny old time but the four of us are closer than we’ve ever been. Nobody’s going to knock us down.”Chris Martin (632)