“‘Crush’ is about the fun part of love. It’s about the worship of women.”Dave Matthews (108)

Crash Into Me

“This song is about the worship of women but this is a little bit of a crazy man, he’s the kind of person that you’d call the Police on. Some guy that’s peering in keenly on his neighbours – a young girl he’s staring in on, she’s calling the Police, “You’ve got to get down here, he’s looking right through the window.””Dave Matthews (108)


“This song starts off with a whole lot of aspirations but then basically gets down to, well, so long as I’ve got love everything will be alright.”Dave Matthews (109)

American Baby

“With the deeply screwed up history of this country, there’s also an element of hope that has somehow managed to stay alive. You know the idea of the family reunions and the barbeques and apple pie, and there’s a hopeful quality in America. I think the world still looks on one side at America and sees that and then on the other side sees this other thing that doesn’t necessarily appeal in the same way. That song for me was almost more about that, and stay that, don’t lose that, don’t give that up in order to be able to kick ass.”Dave Matthews (109)