Cowboy Movie

“Stephen and I met Rita Coolidge on the very same night, when we recorded ‘Love the One You’re With’. I fell for Rita, and so did Stephen. I’ve always been a shy person, so I didn’t make the move that I wanted to on Rita. But Stephen did. And they were together for a few months. That line in ‘Better Days’ – “Though you say you’re where you want to be, you’re not where you belong” – was about Rita. I always wanted to be with her. One day I found out from Rita that she also wanted to be with me. And I said, “We have a problem here, because you’re Stephen’s girlfriend right now, and there’s no way we can be together, with a good heart, unless we face Stephen and tell him ourselves.” So we went to Stephen and told him that we wanted to see each other. Stephen wasn’t very happy. Actually, he tried to spit on me. That’s basically what ‘Cowboy Movie’ was about.”Graham Nash (950)

Our Lady Of The Harbor

“It’s about the Statue of Liberty.”David Crosby (976)

You’re Worth Waiting For

“I’ve also got a new one called ‘You’re Worth Waiting For’, about Jan and to Jan [Dance, girlfriend for seven years at the time – Ed]. A very pretty ballad. A love song…obviously. I’ve got quite a bit. But then so do the other guys, man.”David Crosby (976)
David Crosby You're Worth Waiting For