One Of Us Is The Killer

“It’s a similar sentiment [to “Wings of Feather and Wax” by Killer Be Killed – Ed]: you think it’s a noble pursuit to try to fix a damaged relationship or something that’s critically damaged, and you spend so much of your time and so much of your energy doing that to the point of self-destruction. Are you doing it because you’re happy, or are you doing it because you don’t want to let something go? Or are you doing it because you’re scared of loss? What happened that made me think that putting myself in a destructive, damaging situation or an unhappy situation was a noble pursuit? So many people do that, and I’m interested in finding out why people tend to make a virtue out of suffering or confuse pity with love or anything like that. So many people do it, and that was the sentiment in that song.”Greg Puziato (248)

When I Lost My Bet

“That song is actually a reference to living in LA and seeing people go from human beings to opportunists. The lyrics to that song are about people trying to “hang out” their way to the top, which is what you see pretty much everywhere in LA. What’s really shocking to me is the people that are only fixated on who they know or being around some type of success, but not actually trying to do anything of their own to achieve that stuff. That song was a response to seeing so much opportunism all the time.”Greg Puziato (248)