The Night I Heard Caruso Sing

“I wrote the song after driving my dad up to Scotland in the mid-’80s to revisit his old haunts. As we stood on the edge of Holy Loch, a nuclear submarine surfaced in front of us. It was a startling moment. The song is about the redemptive power of music – not just Caruso – to make sense of life, to offer succor and wonder, even when life itself may seem frightening and unknowable.”Ben Watt (31)

Sugar Finney

“I think of her [Marilyn Monroe – Ed] as someone crushed by the American way. I wrote about her after reading a biography and becoming aware of her in a way which hadn’t occurred to me before.”Tracey Thorn (670)

Love Is Here Where I Live

“It’s about stability rather than traumas, recognising what you have at home as well as being tempted by other things and people. Though it’s not sickly, it’s quite detached.”Tracey Thorn (670)