Home Of The Blues

“That was the name of a record shop in Memphis and I always liked the name. Though it was a great name for a song so Glen Douglas and I wrote a song about it.”Johnny Cash (566)

Give My Love To Rose

“I wrote “Give My Love to Rose” about ten blocks from San Quentin Prison. I was playing a club there one night in ’56, the first time I came to California. And an ole boy came backstage, an ex-con, to talk to me about Shreveport. He was from there. And I’m not sure his wife was named Rose, but his wife was in Shreveport and he said something about “giving my love to my wife if you get back to Shreveport before I do.” He had just gotten out of prison. I wrote the song that night.”Johnny Cash (566)

Hey Porter

“I wrote “Hey Porter” when I was overseas. That was my homesick song for the South.”Johnny Cash (566)

Come In Stranger

“This was just my life on the road song.”Johnny Cash (566)