Love Me Two Times

“When I wrote “Love Me Two Times” I was thinking about the soldiers going out to Vietnam. And how long they would have to be without their girlfriends, therefore, “Love me two times, I’m going away”.”Robby Krieger (438)

Five To One

“Many people ask, “what is five to one, what does that mean?” Well, I asked Jim one time and he told me that at that time, in 1968, there were five times as many people under the age of 21 as over the age of 21 because of the baby boomers. And Jim’s idea was that we could take over because we had so many young people, and all we had to do was get together and we could take over. They got the guns, but we got the numbers.”Robby Krieger (438)

Peace Frog

“I didn’t have any words so I took it to Jim but he couldn’t figure out any words either. So, we looked through his poetry books and we found a poem called ‘Abortion Stories’ and he went to work on the poetry book and made this poem work. If you listen to the words it’s really about abortions, you know, blood in the streets. It’s a little overkill maybe but I think he felt bad about a girlfriend he had and that they had to have an abortion.”Robby Krieger (1190)