Walk In The Sun

“I wanted this song to be about a guy who works in a strip joint, and his girlfriend’s one of the strippers. Comes from our old days playing bachelor parties backing up strippers. And sometimes the stripper’s boyfriend would be there. Sort of acting like her manager and making sure that nobody messed with her. And also to collect the money at the end of the night.”Bruce Hornsby (58)

The Way It Is

“This was inspired by the intolerance and the narrow-mindedness of the small town that I grew up in [Williamsburg, Virginia – Ed].”Bruce Hornsby (59)

Fields Of Gray

“This is a song for my boys. My sons. It’s a song about how it feels bringing these kids up into this world of uncertainty, which is the fields of gray. As you get older, you realize I grew up as this cocky-assed kid, everything was black and white. As you get older you realize that it’s not so simple, that it’s mostly gray. And so trying to guide your boys through that is a daunting proposition for me, and it’s a song about love for your kids, and your uncertainty about hoping you can do the best for them.”Bruce Hornsby (59)