“Rhiannon was not written about the mythological mabinogion from Wales. She was written about a name that came up in a book that I read that was called Triad [by Mary Leader – Ed]. There were two women in it, they were named Rhiannon and Branwen. So this story truly is when everybody says, “you want to write premonitions, you know you have premonitions.” I don’t think that I consciously have them but I do seem to have some sort of a psychic knowledge of what’s going to happen in the future. The whole thing about the birds in the sky, this is all intricately woven through the myth, so I always think it’s pretty interesting when I listen to it or when I play it, that I had no idea about any of this when I wrote it. I just thought it was a really beautiful name and that if I ever have a little girl that I’ll call her Rhiannon and that’s really what I took to the piano to write the song. I also wrote this song in Aspen – at the same time I wrote Landslide – there must have been a very creative force going on in Colorado at that moment, that night.”Stevie Nicks (143)
“She’d [Mary Leader – Ed] really like to think that I got the story from her, but I didn’t. Her Rhiannon is evil and mine is really good. Triad’s about a modern lady with two personalities, and has nothing to do with history. I just fell in love with the name, sat down, and wrote the song in about ten minutes, and found out later that the whole story is already written in Celtic mythology, Welsh mythology. It’s very strange…and ‘Rhiannon’ onstage is very, very weird. I’m sure that I was there at the time, and ‘Rhiannon’ somehow came through me. I started collecting butterflies in L.A., after I’d joined the band, and ‘Rhiannon’ was recorded. Then, a year and a half later somebody gave me this book. I’d never read anything on Rhiannon at the time. This book was called The Song Of Rhiannon, and there’s a picture of her at the beginning. She’s sitting like this; she has really long flowing hair, and out of her mouth is flowing butterflies. You turn the book over and there’s these little nooks and crannies and there’s butterflies on all the ledges…and I’m going, this is very strange. I said, Lindsay, I’ve never read any of that stuff, but it’s all there in the song. I figure I really didn’t need to read it, I just think I was around at some point.”Stevie Nicks (671)

Never Going Back Again

“I wrote this when I felt pretty good and I was at a very high point. When you’re happy you create this illusion for yourself that you will always be happy and things are never going to change which is never the case. But it’s nice when things come around again and you can look at a song you wrote and have the meaning be reinforced.”Lindsey Buckingham (144)


“Everybody seems to think that I wrote this song about them. My Dad did have something to do with it but he thinks he was the whole reason behind the song being written. I guess it was about in September 1974. I was at home at my Dad and my Mom’s house in Phoenix and my father said “you’ve put a lot of time into this and maybe you should give this six months and if you want to go back to school we’ll pay for it.” I have wonderful parents and I went, “cool, I can do that.” Lindsey and I went up to Aspen and we went to somebody’s incredible house and they had a piano and I had my guitar with me. I was in their living room looking over the incredible Aspen skyway and I wrote Landslide. I also wrote Rhiannon then too. Three months later Mick Fleetwood called on New Years Eve 1974 and asked us to join Fleetwood Mac. So it was three months. I still had three months to go to beat the six months goal my Dad gave me so that’s what Landslide is about.”Stevie Nicks (143)
“I want to dedicate this song to Lindsey. Because he taught me to use the guitar I used to write this song, he inspired this song, and I wrote this song about him.”Stevie Nicks (675)


“[The lyric, “Players only love you when you’re playing” – Ed] is just about groupies and rock stars and what happens out there on the road.”Stevie Nicks (561)

Go Your Own Way

“Both of those [“Go Your Own Way” and “Second Hand News” – Ed] are basically saying [to Stevie Nicks – Ed], “Hey, I’m resigned to whatever happens but it’s a damn shame. It’s not what I want.””Lindsey Buckingham (623)

Second Hand News

“Both of those [“Go Your Own Way” and “Second Hand News” – Ed] are basically saying [to Stevie Nicks – Ed], “Hey, I’m resigned to whatever happens but it’s a damn shame. It’s not what I want.” At least “Second Hand News” has a bit of tongue in cheek humor in it because it’s basically saying [to Stevie Nicks – Ed], “as a contingency, if you ever get lonely I’m always willing to proposition you.””Lindsey Buckingham (623)

Silver Springs

“There’s one called ‘Silver Springs’ that has a lot in it about Christine and me. It’s very sad. It goes: “Your man is seeing another woman, did you say that she was pretty, did you say that she loved you, I don’t want to know about it…’ It’s really sad. Then at the end it has a tremendous build up – ‘Time cast a spell on you, but you won’t forget me, I could have loved you but you wouldn’t let me, I’ll follow you down till the sound of my voice haunts you – you’ll never get away from the sound of the woman who loved you…’. That’s repeated over and over for about five minutes. By the end of it, you’re in tears, I’m screaming ‘Give me just a chance, was I such a fool’ and it’s just – terribly sad. [It must be an extraordinary, cathartic experience to perform – Ed]? Yes, it brings me back always. But that’s good. When we did it once onstage, I almost did start to cry. When I wrote ‘Silver Springs’ I hadn’t written the part about ‘the sound of my voice’, and when I started doing a rough vocal it just came out. When I finished, everyone said, isn’t it strange that you would say that without thinking…Because I suppose, as far away as Lindsay goes from me, he’ll never get away from the sound of my voice, ever. And John will never get away from Christine’s voice. On a literal level. It’s very heavy.”Stevie Nicks (671)

Welcome To The Room…Sara

“‘Welcome To The Room… Sara’ is very much a secret kind of song. Sara is from Tusk, that’s the same Sara we’re talking about — and she just has some experiences that she’s talking about. I don’t really want anyone to know whether I’m going into her room or she’s coming into mine, or what’s in the room. This room is an ominous room. I’m not Bob Dylan, but every once in awhile I’ve gotta say something.”Stevie Nicks (672)

The Green Manalishi

“That wasn’t about LSD, it was money, which can also send you somewhere that’s not good. I had a dream where I woke up and I couldn’t move, literally immobile on the bed. I had to fight to get back into my body. I had this message that came to me while I was like this, saying that I was separate from people like shop assistants, and I saw a picture of a female shop assistant and a wad of pound notes, and there was this other message saying, “You’re not what you used to be. You think you’re better than them. You used to be an everyday person like a shop assistant, just a regular working person.” The Green Manalishi is the wad of notes; the devil is green and he was after me.”Peter Green (673)

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