Ghost of Traveler

“My parents lived in a little town called Lexington, Virginia which is the home of the Virginia Military Institute. There’s sort of a revered ghost in the town of Lexington and that is Robert E. Lee’s horse “Traveler.” I grew up hearing about Traveler and when you go to Lexington they even leave the barn door open because Traveler gets very upset if the door is closed. This is a travel song and it’s the story of being up North and coming back home to find that sense of home that Traveler represents.”Elizabeth Elkins (159)

Gruene Music Hall

“There’s a little town between San Antonio and Austin, Texas called “Gruene” and Gruene Music Hall is the oldest music hall in Texas. This song is one of the few relationship songs we have, I was going through a bad relationship and the song came out in about five minutes.”Elizabeth Elkins (159)