Show Me The Way

“Yeah, maybe [the song’s prophetic – Ed]. I just met somebody [Penny McCall – Ed] that gave me such confidence. She does…my life is completely changed. All the lyrics in that song are about me and her. The line people pick out is: ‘I wonder if I’m dreaming, I feel so unashamed, I can’t believe this is happening to me.’ That’s about you, everybody…so they all think I’m singing about them. I’ve learnt the secret through that. They – the audience – are the most important people.”Peter Frampton (1213)

Lines On My Face

“It’s about a break-up and it’s something that, even though I was being very selfish and writing about me and whining, we’ve all been through, unfortunately, losses and broken relationships. I guess that’s why we can all relate to it.”Peter Frampton (1214)