You Don’t Know My Name

“At a party, you see a guy who’s cute. Then you’re sitting there trying to figure out what’s the next thing to say, ‘cos no matter who you are it’s not natural to go up to some stranger and start talking. So that’s kinda how the concept of this song came together – it’s like what happens when it all plays out in your mind.”Alicia Keys (9)

Not Even The King

“Is about knowing and respecting something that’s so simple and so pure. It doesn’t matter how much money you’re making, or how many pieces of jewelry you have. You don’t even care. You would rather give them all away to figure out how you can help this person that you love. Not even the King with everything could understand what we have. It’s priceless.”Alicia Keys (9)

Holy War

“[The song condemns the idea that “war is holy and sex is obscene” – Ed]. We get so afraid to talk to our kids about sex, or we wanna hide all of our body parts and don’t let anybody see the beauty of love and lovemaking, yet we let kids play Call of Duty all day and all night, and that’s like, no problem? It’s very confusing and twisted.”Alicia Keys (891)