93 Million Miles

“So what do you do when all of your dreams come true? You keep going. “93 Million Miles” is a look at that, it’s like, alright we’ve gone a long, long, long way and you can either keep going or you can turn around now and go home. I’ve learned in my travels that home is just a state of mind. We create a place where we can have peace of mind, that’s what home is to me, peace of mind.”Jason Mraz (182)

I Won’t Give Up

“When I wrote “I Won’t Give Up,” I was really bummed out, and I hate sharing that because I’ve had everything. I’ve had all my dreams come true, I was given a great gift, I was given a great community to share it, given a great network of people to get it all around the world and yet one still experiences melancholy and you still end up in relationships that aren’t really quite right, that aren’t satisfying your heart. Anytime I would feel bummed out I would fell ungrateful. The situation I was in when I wrote “I Won’t Give Up” was I was in a relationship and I wasn’t sure where I was going in that relationship. I didn’t know if I wanted to stay in it, I didn’t know if I should stay or should I leave and this whole back and forth was killing me. It was like who are you being right now by not powerfully choosing the direction you want to go. Just choose. What I realized in the writing of this song was to acknowledge the beautiful person in my life who had got me to this point of contemplation and I saw that I wasn’t just not choosing powerfully in this relationship but I was also seeing how I was afraid to go on in my career, I thought I had done enough. I’m sure I’m not the only in this room who has felt this way but you sometimes contemplate ending your life. Writing the song helped me realize how lucky I am and it has become my mantra.”Jason Mraz (182)

Love For A Child

“‘Love For A Child’ was another song that I didn’t want to write. The first thing that came out was describing this house and this setting when my [divorced when Jason was a child – Ed] parents were together which for me was a very old memory – it would have to be from when I was four or earlier. I just put it down on record and everyone in the studio loves it and I realize that I’m not the only one with a divorced family.”Jason Mraz (182)

The Remedy

“My best friend in the world, Charlie, growing up in High School, same age. About 10 years ago he was diagnosed with Ewing’s sarcoma – a kind of bone cancer in his collar bone – and he decides he’s going to undergo the removal of his collar bone and chemotherapy. Everyone in Charlie’s family is freaking out, his community’s freaking out, and yet Charlie, he’s totally cool about it. He’s not going to worry his life away, he’s going to do what they tell him to do, he’ll be in and out. I thought, what an awesome outlook, and what other outlook can you have, you have to keep living. So that was the message I wanted to share with others. That’s “The Remedy”.”Jason Mraz (182)