All Summer Long

“The song is really about falling in love for the first time and, even though in our lifetimes we’ll all fall in and out of love plenty of times, that first time you fall in love, there’s something so special and magical about it. It’s kinda nostalgic to think back to this song and remember that time in your life and I think that’s what touched so many people about this song.”Kid Rock (245)

Half Your Age, Twice As Hot

“So everyone knows my whole marriage debacle, what did and didn’t happen, we all make mistakes right? After this whole thing I kinda knew people would expect me to address this on a record somewhere. So my first instinct was I started writing these evil rhymes, I mean evil, made Eminem songs sound like “Happy Birthday.” And then a few months later I was on a plane going to New York City, I was going to see my girlfriend at the time – very young, sweet, Danish supermodel, very young – and I started thinking about this song, the whole situation, what had happened, where I’m going and I figured out I’d found someone who treats me better, she’s half your age and twice as hot. It’s done in a fun, kind-spirited kind of way…”Kid Rock (245)


“Rick Rubin challenged me to write something very relevant about what’s going on and that captures the spirit of America today. The song to me really captures the truth of what I would hear from people around me.”Kid Rock (245)


“I guess that song is about finding good in all people: crackheads, whores, anyone. Instead of looking down on these people, why not try to find some good in them?”Kid Rock (714)