“I wrote that when I was in Hawkwind. We were in the studio doing the last album that I was on, Warrior on the Edge of Time. We started playing and it caught on and we put it on the B side of “Kings of Speed.” The song was about speed and it was an issue to Hawkwind, and that’s why I got fired.”Lemmy (577)

White Line Fever

“It’s not about cocaine specifically; it’s about boy-girl relationships: a boy jumps in the shit. It’s about being wrecked, trashed, fucked up. I’ve never written music any other way.”Lemmy (577)

Stay Clean

“I’m just saying, “Stay clean and listen to your parents.” I wasn’t really thinking about anyone in particular when I wrote it. It’s not about drugs or alcohol; it’s just “stay clean.” I was trying to copy Mel Tormé, like “I’m Comin’ Home Baby,” but the song didn’t turn out like that.”Lemmy (577)


“I was reading Len Deighton’s book Bomber at the time I wrote it. It’s about a bombing raid on Germany when the British hit the wrong town, and it’s what goes on the floor in the air from both sides. It’s a really good book. You should read it. “Bomber” was the first song I wrote about war.”Lemmy (577)

Over The Top

“It’s about going nuts. “Please tell me I’m kind/I’m out of my mind.” Just general nuts. What do I know about going nuts? I took acid for eight years. I know about going nuts.”Lemmy (577)

No Class

“We later dedicated “No Class” to her [Wendy O. Williams – Ed], ’cause she had no class. She was very good in bed.”Lemmy (577)

Marching Off To War

“After “Bomber,” it was one of the first songs I wrote about the Second World War. I wasn’t very worried about the Cold War; I was busy being a musician.”Lemmy (577)

In The Black

“I wrote it to get back at my black girlfriend. Ron Jeremy introduced us, and that’s cool. We’ve been on and off for 20 years. We’re still trying to keep it going. She doesn’t tour with us; I don’t allow that. I didn’t tell her it was about her when I wrote it. She still doesn’t know.”Lemmy (577)


“It’s a song about the younger female members of our entourage who sometimes would come across like nothing on earth, and other times would not.”Lemmy (1178)

Just ‘Cos You Got The Power

“It’s about fat bastard business men who are stealing your money, right now.”Lemmy (1285)