“I was in a relationship where, it’s not necessarily falling out of love, you get to that point where you know it’s not that forever kind of love, but you still love that person but not how they want you to.”Trey Lockerbie (466)

Fooling Around

“”Fooling Around” is a light-hearted take on being cheated on.”Trey Lockerbie (466)
Trey Lockerbie Fooling Around

Sullivan Street

“”Sullivan Street” was a total reflection of a day I had. It was about a girl I met, it just wasn’t the right timing for both of us. The whole song is about timing. When I was writing the song I was in New York City on a rainy day. There’s a line in there, “The warmth of her smile was unfamiliar to me,” which symbolizes hope for me, it’s something I can look forward to again. The timing wasn’t right now but that person is going to come along again at some point in time.”Trey Lockerbie (466)


“This is basically about when I was with an ex-girlfriend and I met another girl. She had a boyfriend and we knew that wasn’t working out and we would rather be with each other. So I got out of my relationship and then I was sitting there like, “Aren’t you going to do the same?” That’s what this song is about.”Trey Lockerbie (252)