“My favorite song is “Island” because I risked so much with that song. When I was 19 and 20 I was in a relationship with a man much older than me. He abused me emotionally and physically to the point where I had no self-esteem and it was hard to find the strength to get out. But in the end, finding this strength was what gave me the determination to become a singer and to express real truth in my songs.”Heather Nova (164)

Save A Little Piece Of Tomorrow

“Having a child in general teaches you that you have to let go a lot and realize that you can’t control fate. You want to protect him all the way through his live and never let anything happen, but you can’t. It’s this huge lesson in acceptance but at the same time you feel you would die for him. I don’t think of ”Save a Little Piece of Tomorrow” as a political song. It’s from an emotional place of saying, “I don’t want you to grow up and have to swim over your childhood home.” So I will do what I can even though it’s a very small part.  I’ll do my best to stop that from happening.”Heather Nova (165)

Stop The Fire

“This is about gang violence in Bermuda. I wrote the song from a feeling that I had. It’s difficult. It’s a sensitive subject. You don’t want to sound like you’re preaching to someone. The angle of the song is: Maybe we don’t understand each other, maybe we need to break down the barriers and have compassion for people who had a rough childhood. The violence is caused because they haven’t had the nurturing and the love that they need. That’s where it starts. So we need to help everybody in the community to be more cared for. I’m involved in some organizations in Bermuda who help to inspire the youth there, because if they don’t have something positive to put their energy into, it turns negative. We help to find them their creative voices and stuff like that.”Heather Nova (165)

Paper Cup

“It’s something you wish to hang on to, something you want to keep because you love it so much, but sometimes it’s better to let it go, especially because you realize that it can’t last. I think that is something that describes a lot of situations. It can be love. It can be a friend. It can be just a moment, a feeling… basically anything.”Heather Nova (166)

Higher Ground

“The song was inspired by this guy Matt George who was a surfer in California. When he heard about the tsunami in Indonesia, he wanted to go out to help, to give something back. He took a bunch of friends, hired a boat and went out to the outer islands that weren’t being served by the major aid agencies. That started his organization called “Last Mile” which now serves natural disaster areas by serving the areas the main aid organizations can’t reach. The title came from something Matt said when he looked into the eyes of people he served, that it lifted him to higher ground.”Heather Nova (167)