Easy To Think

“It was inspired by my mom, that one was written for my mom. She left when I was a kid and it was inspired by that. It goes on to a relationship person leaving and the end is about you leaving town because you don’t want to deal with things, you feel like you need more space and then, in leaving, people think you’re leaving them.”Amber Rubarth (12)


“This song is about numbing your heart.”Amber Rubarth (12)

In The Creases

“Alex Wong and I wrote “In The Creases.” It’s about being comfortable with still having the traces of somebody on you. Whether it be a past relationship or something that happened to you, it’s like trying to clean something off your clothes and some of it remains in the little holes, but that’s OK.”Amber Rubarth (12)

The Maiden And The Ram

“I wrote it because I’m a Virgo and the person I wrote it about is an Aries. You often find in relationships that you’re attracted to people who are opposites of you, but that every person has their own method of getting to the point of solving a problem [in the relationship] and a lot of times they’re completely opposite but they both work.”Amber Rubarth (13)

Something That Was Never Mine

“The idea behind it is sometimes we have experiences that we don’t quite grasp on to, we don’t really pull it on and claim it and I think a lot of times when you lose that, when you lose that opportunity or that person, it’s almost harder to deal with it because you never really had it.”Amber Rubarth (13)
Amber Rubarth Something That Was Never Mine