“”DIY” is a song that was inspired by the process of making the new record happen. We sourced all the funding for the record from the crowd which is a very DIY sort of thing and you can hear that urgency in the song.”Ben Sollee (30)


“This is a song about being complete. It says we’re still learning who we are and, of course, we’re still growing. For me at age 29 I feel like I’m halfway there so many of the things I hope to be, I already am. So it’s really about storytelling and saying that I really need my partner in my life. What I discovered is my partner is who I need her to be and not necessarily all of the things I want all of the time. I think that’s a really healthy thing ‘cos it helps me grow.”Ben Sollee (30)

Roam In The Dark

“The song “Roam In The Dark” is about learning to be comfortable in your skin. Sometimes that means not fulfilling the expectations of everyone around you all the time and just learning to tell your own story and to be with the ones you love.”Ben Sollee (30)

How To See The Sun Rise

“This is a story about a fella coming to realize that the girl just didn’t want to be with him. No matter how much he wanted to be with her or how much he was willing to change. You can hear it in the pleading, “Teach me, Teach me. How to see the sun rise in the dead of night.” Teach me how to do something impossible which is to say, teach me how not to love you.”Ben Sollee (30)