Precious Time (Recorded by Pat Benatar)

“That song is about my mother. My mom and I were really close, and she really encouraged my songwriting, and the poetry I was writing, she encouraged it. But she was also kind of domineering, and so that song was sort of about her. Specifically, “Your home is like a fortress, no one comes in but the florist, the gardener and the maid.” The whole thing was really kind of about her.”Billy Steinberg (43)

Like A Virgin (Recorded by Madonna)

“I remember writing the lyrics to “Like a Virgin” while driving around in a red pickup truck that I owned and I was driving around my father’s dusty desert vineyards. I had been involved in a very emotionally difficult relationship that had finally ended and I had met somebody new and I remember writing that lyric about feeling shiny and new – I made it through the wilderness, somehow I made it through.”Billy Steinberg (43)