“I have had a lot of really dysfunctional relationships and “Gasoline” is a song about how emotionally unsafe I have felt. It was about a specific relationship at the time, how I never felt safe to open up, how I never felt safe and secure in the relationship. I was only knew it could blow up at any moment, it was a terrifying feeling.”Garrison Starr (153)


“”Unchangeable” was a conversation I was having with someone very close to me who basically said, “my love for you is unchangeable but you know…” and it was coming from a religious place, a judgemental place, and I stopped listening and started writing the song.”Garrison Starr (153)

Change My Old Way

“Recently I was having a hankering about getting involved with somebody that I was involved with [before – Ed]. It fell apart and was really unhealthy and I wanted to go back so instead of going back I wrote that song.”Garrison Starr (153)
Garrison Starr Change My Old Way

Hey Girl

“I wrote “Hey Girl” on a plane flying from LA to Chicago. It was at a time when I got panic attacks. I talk to myself a lot, “If you don’t get it under control, you’re seriously going to have the worst life ever.” So I realized at that it was time to start letting go a little bit or I was going to go insane.”Garrison Starr (153)