Letting Go

“That song has a dual meaning for this project. It’s the title track and it’s about someone moving on after a breakup. However it also stands for me letting go of all of the anxiety and fear of putting out a solo record that I’ve carried around for a decade now.”Josh Shilling (229)

The Man I Should Have Been

“It’s kind of me in a nutshell. “I’ve been thinking about all the second chances I’ve been given”. All the people that let me get away with screwing up so many times. The guy’s beating himself up a little bit for all the mistakes he’s made. And then he’s trying to find a way to make time to be the man he should have been. I think that’s a pretty strong piece lyrically. It definitely is me in a nutshell as far as when I look back at all the turns I should have taken and all the things I shouldn’t have done. I’m pretty lucky and thankful for second chances and people that love me.”Josh Shilling (229)

Wondering If You’re Wondering

“That’s about my childhood sweetheart.”Josh Shilling (229)

Back To Me And You

“I think that song actually is as personal as anything I’ve written on this particular project, just because, to me, it’s written more about my current situation, I think.”Josh Shilling (229)