Top Of The World

“”Top of the World,” we’ve seen a lot stuff in our almost 20 year career as far as touring and music writing and jam sessions with other musicians and just being around people of every kind. But the whole point of the song is who’s around you on different stages of your life. Like, who’s really there for you and who’s there just looking for the handouts. Some people think like when we wrote the song “Top of the World,” we were talking about how we are on top of the world or we feel like we’re on top of the world. It’s more like what’s taken from you or what’s put out from other people; how the band has been successful, and who was there for you when you didn’t have a dime in your pocket, and who was there for you when you were able to take care of your family and buy a house and maybe had a little extra. It’s realizing that there are different phases to people as far as who you meet along the way, and it’s good to watch out for it and be careful about those kind of people that are around you.”Miles Doughty (400)

Just Thinking

“The whole purpose to that song was how love makes the world go round. I know people say it and it’s something that you learn when you’re a little kid, but I don’t think that people believe that. And honestly, it’s kind of a fantasy to think that way, but love is what makes the world go round. It’s something that there’s not enough of in this planet that we live on, and it’s reaching to that level as far as everyone needs it and if there was more love in the world we wouldn’t have the tragedies and the chaos that goes on amongst us day in and day out. So that’s really the whole point of that song: just preaching love to people and making people realize that if you do put your hand out there, someone’s going to grab it. And people need it.”Miles Doughty (400)

Collie Man

“”Collie Man” is a lot of the same thing as far as life and love and liberty. “Collie Man” is the herbs man, but it’s also anyone that can make you feel good. It’s that kind of feeling, like the road to life goes up and down, it doesn’t really matter as long as the music goes on. For us, music is our life and it’s what brings smiles to our faces and the fans and the people that have been around us. I think it’s so important that when you don’t have it, you’re looking for it. We call it the Collie Man, the herbs man, and if you can get him and he’s around and makes all your pains go away, it lifts you up into that next level of life.”Miles Doughty (400)