Ooh La La

“It’s about more of a fantasy, it’s not how we [Joshua and Meghan – Ed] met, per se. It’s more of a thing about just everyday life, like maybe you’re wandering around and you see someone that you really want to get to know, just from a completely physical aspect. And it’s just about how people are timid and shy, or maybe intimidated at first, because you don’t get to know people, you just get a notion of the way someone may or may not be by what you think about the way they look. And you’ve just got to have that courage to just take the first step and say something.”Joshua Scott Jones (415)

Glass Houses

“I’ll just say it’s about self-sabotaging and maybe behavior that you take on that is unhealthy. Something that you’re doing over and over that’s not working, but you continue on that path because that’s all you’ve known and that’s what you’ve become comfortable with. It could be about anything, including addiction or anything like that. There may be a few lines in there that let you know, maybe, in particular what the song may be about. But I think that just any kind of behavior like that or addiction, that’s what it’s about.”Joshua Scott Jones (415)

Without You

“”Without You” is a song – I started that one when I came home real late one night, or early, probably… actually. It was in the middle of a fight and I thought I’d lost everything that we’d worked on. So that’s where that song started, the genesis of that song, the verses.”Joshua Scott Jones (415)