4th Of July

“This song is super personal. My life is like everybody I think, it’s been filled with challenges and filled with moments and days where you feel you’re not living up to your potential and yet, the way I was raised, you can blame other people for that, or blame your circumstances or you can strive to rise above it. I think for whatever reason there’s a tendency to want to point to this or that but the way I view the world you have a choice, especially if you’re lucky enough to realize, I got this from here but it’s up to me to go change my life.”Stephen Kellogg (420)

My Old Man

“”Happiness depends on how you handle the day,” that’s the kind of line my dad would say to me when I was hanging my head real low coming home from school when I got dumped, our got a bad grade, or got bullied. My dad brought a lot to the table and that song is a tribute to fatherhood.”Stephen Kellogg (420)