Interstate Love Song

“The words are about the lies I tried to conceal during the time of making the Purple record.”Scott Weiland (424)

Sour Girl

“It’s really about driving somebody away unintentionally in a romantic relationship due to selfishness and self-seeking. It was bitter sweet. I was closing one chapter of my life with a divorce and entering a whole new beautiful part of my life with the woman that I love.”Scott Weiland (424)

Kitchenware & Candy Bars

“It’s about a painful and heartbreaking experience that I went through years ago in an old relationship where my old partner and I went through an abortion situation. It was a difficult choice for both of us at the time but thank God we were able to have that choice.”Scott Weiland (424)

Sex Type Thing

“This song is really not about sex at all. It’s about sexism, control and abuse of power.”Scott Weiland (424)


“That’s just the idea of being a young person somewhere, caught between still being a kid and becoming a young man. It’s that youth apathy, that second-guessing yourself, not feeling like you fit in.”Scott Weiland (549)