The Fighter

“I was thinking early on in Nic’s [wife Nicole Kidman – Ed] relationship where she was wanting that reassurance of, “would I be that rock for her, what are you going to be when this happens, what about when this happens?” So I thought, maybe it’s just that simple. She poses really simple questions and I give the answers, and the song took foo from there.”Keith Urban (977)

Wasted Time

“A lot of the things that we consider to be wasting time is when we are living the most. A key line for me in the song is, “Living all that wasted time.” Even though the song is set in that period, metaphorically all of those things can be achieved today. What’s today’s relevant swinging on a rope into the river? That give me that feeling of being alive? And am I doing those today in my life? We’re living in a time when we work so much, all of us. There’s a line in there, “Before the days get sold to the grid and the game.” We’re all on the grid and, for me, when I step off it and swim in the pool with our kids, or go out to dinner with Nic, it’s that feeling of being alive. “Keith Urban (977)

Sun Don’t Let Me Down

“The title comes from wanting the sun to stay where it is and not come up yet because you need a few more hours in the night to seal the deal with the girl. You’re out, it’s going well, the moon is out, it’s happening but suddenly you realize the stars are about to fade, the sun’s about to come up and ruin everything.”Keith Urban (977)