Shapes Of Things

“Well, the “Shapes of Things” was very much about the state of the situation in the country with the Vietnam War, so it was sort of an anti-war song.”Jim McCarty (377)

Over Under Sideways Down

“”Over Under Sideways Down” was more about the situation of having a good time – a bit of decadence, really – in the ’60s. Cars and girls are easy to come by in this day and age, and laughing, drinking, smoking, whatever, till I’ve spent my wages, having fun.”Jim McCarty (377)

Still I’m Sad

“”Still I’m Sad,” Paul (Samwell-Smith) really came up with those lyrics. It was very reflective, quite sensitive about losing it, losing a girlfriend or whatever, and about things he saw in nature.”Jim McCarty (377)

Happenings Ten Years Time Ago

“On “Happenings Ten Years Time Ago,” Keith and I were trying to write a song about reincarnation. We’d seen everything before, and it was all happening again. That was quite an interesting viewpoint, really. Meeting people along our way that we’d seen from another day. I can’t remember exactly the lyric, but sort of bringing in that situation that we’d been there before.”Jim McCarty (377)