“Somebody passed away close to us a couple of years ago, and it hit me very hard, certainly hit both of the songwriters quite hard. It’s about wishing and hoping that somebody took them to a better place. The Valkyrie’s job in Nordic folklore was to choose who would die and who would live on the battlefield. Her job then was to make sure that they got safely to Valhalla. It’s just wishing someone a safe passage to whatever the next life is – whatever lies beyond this one. The lyrics, they go beyond that in the song. I put myself in the position of the person who is lying dead on the battlefield, and this spirit comes along and takes me away. It’s a joyful song. I would say it’s quite dark, but it’s joyous. It’s triumphant in the end.”John Wetton (19)

Heat Of The Moment

“”Heat of The Moment,” it starts off with an apology. You’ve never heard that in a rock song before, either. “I never meant to be so bad to you, one thing I said that I would never do.” The whole song is just an apology. It’s just saying I fucked up. I hold my hand out and I got it wrong. I never meant it to be like that. I didn’t want it to be like that. And so I’m sorry. That’s basically what “Heat of the Moment” is.”John Wetton (19)

Only Time Will Tell

“And “Only Time Will Tell,” well, it’s all gone wrong and it’s all your fault, and you’ll see. I got stick for that being misogynistic. I’d probably get even worse stick now if it came out today. But a lot of people didn’t realize that in “Heat of the Moment,” I was the one saying, “Look, it’s my fault, I screwed up.” In “Only Time Will Tell,” I’m saying, “Well, I know this new guy is not as good as I am, but only time will tell. But you’re making a big mistake.” That’s what I was saying with that one. And they’re all from personal experience.”John Wetton (19)