When I Left Home

“This is very autobiographical. I never really had a song that encapsulated my time as a musician so I went back to the time I left home and told the story in the lyrics of everything I’ve done.”Devon Allman (125)


“This is a song that is dedicated to my family for when I’m on tour. I wrote it so they know that every time that I travel and every day I’m gone, they’re on my mind, in my heart. It talks about the routine, the hotels, the soundchecks. I managed to fit in what it’s really like to be out there, be away from the ones you love.”Devon Allman (125)

Don’t Set Me Free

“This is a song anyone can relate to if they’ve been in a relationship where they think it’s going great and the other person doesn’t. Where you kinda miss that connection. It’s another one of those love gone bad songs.”Devon Allman (125)

Time Machine

“This is a real reflective song. It’s about looking back, and taking stock, seeing where you are in life and remembering the good moments. I think as we get older we do that. I have a 13 year old son and it really tripped me out when he turned 13 because being 13 seems like only yesterday to me. That song was born out of that – that forlorn reflection that happened when he turned 13.”Devon Allman (125)


“I think that there’s a point in time where you really have to let life happen and chill out and trust that there is a higher power that is out there kind of helping this whole thing roll along. And that’s really what that’s about. It’s about, “Hey, chill out, take your hands off the wheel and trust the universe.” So I think a lot of people can relate to that because maybe they’ve had things they have been dealing with. It’s a song of hope, because you know this crazy ride here only lasts, what do they say, about eighty-three years, which is the life expectancy. And that’s not a whole bunch of time.”Devon Allman (548)

Endless Diamond

“Endless Diamond talks about people through humanity’s history reaching their potential. It was almost from a higher life form’s perspective, saying that humans are the endless diamond, like we are unlimited potential, our place in the universe is unlimited potential. That’s pretty much the message of the tune.”Devon Allman (548)

Left My Heart In Memphis

“I just have a real love affair with Memphis. I used to live there and made a bunch of records there, got a ton of friends there. So it was my little love letter to Memphis and it name checks Jeff Buckley in the lyrics and it name checks Martin Luther King, and of course both of them died there in Memphis. It’s just an open love letter to that city. I love it there.”Devon Allman (548)

Could Get Dangerous

“I think it was in 2010 and there was a massive earthquake somewhere when we were making Space Age Blues and it was all over the news for like the whole month. Between that and the Twin Towers, that whole decade, all of a sudden everybody was walking on eggshells. School shootings and everything seemed to escalate and I thought it was time to address it in a way. It’s tough ’cause you don’t want to get political but you want to touch upon it. So I think it’s kind of a thing that anybody can relate to: things are getting dangerous, and hey, we’re in this shit together.”Devon Allman (548)