The Fear

“I was in Moreton-in-Marsh, out to breakfast and I saw this little girl with her mum. She was dressed inappropriately and I thought, “hmm”, and wrote the song.”Lily Allen (272)


“This was inspired by the William Wordsworth poem “Composed Upon Westminster Bridge” which I studied at school. I remember thinking, “I want to write about London,” and relooking at that poem online and thinking, “that’s what he thought, what do I think”?”Lily Allen (273)

Fuck You

“This started with the working titles “GWB” and “Guess Who Batman”. They were anagrams of George W. Bush and that’s who the song was first directed at. It became broader than that.”Lily Allen (273)

Nan You’re A Window Shopper

“That was loosely a cover of 50 Cent, “Window Shopper”. I can’t tell where half of these ideas come from. It started with the title “Window Shopper” and I thought, “Who do I know who’s a window shopper? My nan, she’s always going out shopping and never buying anything.”Lily Allen (273)

Come On Then

“When I set out to write this record [the album ‘No Shame’ – Ed] the biggest theme from the last four years of my life has definitely been the breakdown of my marriage and that happened possibly because of the chaos that was around at that time. There are lots of different factors that contributed to that chaos, the press being one thing, but [this song is] a little bit playing with “Is it really the press’ intrusion and their take on the narrative of my life, or is it real?” Not really being able to differentiate. It is a weird one because actually before me and Sam’s marriage broke down people were already talking about our marriage breaking down long before there were any problems. And it almost became self perpetuating.”Lily Allen (1172)