Soul Drifter

“This is a song about jumping over into some new territory.”Lindsey Buckingham (275)

Street Of Dreams

“A very personal song about my own loneliness at a time (maybe after Tusk, after Mirage) when I felt I was drifting creatively a little bit and wasn’t quite sure why I was doing what I was doing. My father had died many years before (in 1973) and I would still go sit and talk to him and imagine what he’d say back to me. The whole middle section of Street of Dreams is about him telling me that no matter what happens, whatever illusions get broken, you’re still going to follow your instincts.”Lindsey Buckingham (276)


“It’s a composite of three or four people who have all lost their perspective and maybe acting inappropriately because of that. We’ve all been there. It’s about generic types and maybe laughing at yourself a little bit.”Lindsey Buckingham (275)