I Just Died In Your Arms

“It’s a song written about my girlfriend (who is actually the mother of my daughter). We got back together for one night after a year apart and I guess there were some fireworks but all the time tinged with a feeling of “should I really be doing this?” Hence the lyric, I should have walked away. I know it sounds corny but I awoke that morning and wrote the basic lyrics within an hour and wrote and recorded the demo completely within 3 days.”Nick Van Eede (102)

Between A Rock And A Hard Place

“We wrote one slightly veiled song having a pop at US A&R antics in our “Between a Rock and Hard Place” from The Scattering album. I sang, “I got a brick but I can’t find a window,” as they continually blocked our albums release for months making us lose so much momentum.”Nick Van Eede (102)

The Scattering

“”The Scattering.” I think it’s one of my best lyrics, telling of how the small villages in rural communities can die out when the life blood youth move away to the big cities.”Nick Van Eede (102)


“I lost my best friend and music partner Kevin MacMichael a few years back to cancer. I miss him in many different ways and when it came to writing the Grinning Souls album the last thing I wanted and meant to do was write a song about him. Very briefly, my 7 year old niece Daizie came to stay with me on the island [Barbados – Ed] and infuriated everybody by repeatedly singing a melody to her silly made up words. When she had flown home I went up to the studio and the song “Silhouette” just tumbled forth and low and behold it was built around Daizie’s tune. It’s fitting that the song is quite Beatlesque as Kevin was such a huge fan of theirs and where on earth the lyrics came from, I have no idea but I think they stand up well (or at least many many fans have responded so well to them): “You gotta laugh, or else you cry. You gotta live, at least to try. A cigarette, an empty chair. You were my friend, the best I had. And you played it all on an old guitar”.”Nick Van Eede (102)