Autumn Carnival

“”Autumn” is from the Ray Bradbury story “Something Wicked This Way Comes” and I wrote it with David J Bauhaus. We sat at breakfast pushing small potatoes around on our plates and drinking coffee and talking random topics until we both realized that the words “the autumn carnival” made the hair stand up on the back of our necks, so we thought that was what we should create a song about.”Courtney Taylor-Taylor (107)

Sad Vacation

“”Sad Vacation” was written by Brent, mainly. For my part, I was writing about how nauseating I find all the current trends in music. I’d always rather be out than in.”Courtney Taylor-Taylor (107)

I Am Free

“In “I Am Free,” the lyric, “My darkest past is fading fast,” is referring to the major bullshit dupe that was Dig! and being lied about and dragged thru the shit so dishonestly in order for her [filmmaker Ondi Timoner – Ed] to have a brief career sponged from the genius of Anton Newcombe.”Courtney Taylor-Taylor (107)


“The more shitty and cruel things people do in the name of God, the more Godless they clearly are. I was raised going to a church that was like a club for nice people. Religion should be like that or else it should be criminalized. In some countries, and amongst some races, it’s a club for sickos sadists and perverts. This world is a mess and was better off before people.”Courtney Taylor-Taylor (107)