97 Bonnie And Clyde

“When I went in to record that song my daughter’s mother was trying to keep her from me, and this was just a way for me to get back at her. It’s better to say something like that on a record than to actually go out and do it [the song describes in gruesome detail taking his girlfriend’s dead body down to the pier in the back of his car, dumping her in the water and heading for the Mexican border with their bewildered and newly motherless daughter in tow – Ed].”Eminem (1058)
“That song is a joke. I felt like that at the time, I wrote it to get back at Kim, but now the song really don’t mean shit to me. Hailie listens to it but she doesn’t understand it yet, and if she hears a cuss word she knows not to repeat it.”Eminem (1059)

Rock Bottom

“Dedicated to all the happy people who have real nice lives and have no idea what it’s like to be broke as fuck. At that point in my life I had nothing. I felt like robbing somebody or selling drugs to get myself out of the situation I was in.”Eminem (1059)

As The World Turns

“I don’t think it’s really politically incorrect. It’s just a stupid fucking animated story about stereotypical white trash. It’s about being a trashy kid growing up with no morals and no fucking values. Every day is the same, the world keeps turnin’, and I wanna get off this motherfucker. There’s not even a meaning in that song. Not all songs have to have meanings to ’em. It’s just funny, y’know? Laugh. Ha ha?”Eminem (1059)

Cleanin’ Out My Closet

“I don’t know if I’ll get in trouble for saying this, I fuckin’…Anything could have happened. [The smartest shit I done/Was to take the bullets out of that gun/’Cause I would’ve killed them – lyrics. Eminem drove with a friend to the Hot Rocks Cafe in nearby Warren, Michigan, looking for his wife, Kimberly. She and Eminem had been married a year, and their relationship was stormy. He spotted her in the parking lot. She was with another man, John Guerra — hugging and kissing him – Ed]. That’s my closure song [mainly with respect to his mother – Ed].”Eminem (1060)


“It’s a socially conscious song. I don’t know how it ended up becoming that. If there’s a positive message in one of my songs, it’s going to get overlooked, believe me. [It’s a stomach-turning tale of exchanging sexually transmitted diseases with a pal. But listen carefully — the song responsibly advises men to always wear protection – Ed].”Eminem (1060)

White America

“You know, I don’t go door to door, but I see that probably 80 percent of my fan base is white, suburban America. [It’s one of the uncomfortable dynamics behind hip-hop. Though it’s music produced by — and, in theory, for — the inner cities, it’s actually the demographic power of white suburbs that sends the discs to platinum sales – Ed].”Eminem (1060)