Take My Number

“This song is about that time in your life when you’ve been around the block a couple of times and got really burned. And maybe you think you shouldn’t do that love stuff anymore because you’re not very good at it. But I’m here to tell you, never give up on that because you have no idea what might be waiting for you tonight.”Melissa Etheridge (644)

A Little Hard Hearted

“Some time after you turn 50, maybe you come to that point when you start realizing that that you are pulling against, well that’s just pulling you down. So it’s kinda easier sometimes to let things go, let them be and send them away with love. Just say, “I agree to disagree, I’m going to move on ‘cos that’s what’s good for me.” Because if you don’t you start to get a little hard hearted when you should be lifting your voice up and singing.”Melissa Etheridge (644)


“It asks, can I really do this, jump in there, when I’ve really been through a lot? [Written after her break-up from Julie Cypher and around the time of her marriage to Tammy Lynn Michaels – Ed].”Melissa Etheridge (669)

Tuesday Morning

“I have to speak truthfully, and present what I’m trying to say in a way that won’t be turned off. When I first started writing it, I was so angry. I wanted to say [to Attorney General John Ashcroft who denied government benefits to Mark Bingham’s surviving partner after 9/11 – Ed]: “He probably saved your life, you asshole!” But no one’s going to hear me when I’m hollering. They could hear it if they could crawl into it. So I had to really present it like, can you just think about this?”Melissa Etheridge (669)

I Won’t Be Alone Tonight

“The first song, ‘I Won’t Be Alone Tonight’, that was written actually about the guy I was collaborating with, Jon Levine the producer. It’s funny because I can’t help but be influenced by the souls that I’m working with, and he’s a sweet guy, just a wonderful guy, and he would spend all day long in that studio looking at that screen making music. All day long. He had no life. And I said, “Dude, you’ve gotta get out!” He said, “I know, I have a girlfriend.” And I said, “I don’t see a girlfriend anywhere in the studio.” We wrote the music to that song and I went home that night and I wrote the lyric like I was him. I totally just put myself in his shoes and I wrote “I Won’t Be Alone Tonight’.”Melissa Etheridge (815)