Never Surrender

“My mother influenced me with this ethic of never quitting on yourself or your dreams no matter how challenging or daunting. I also greatly admired Sir Winston Churchill, reading many biographies on his life. He used this expression “Never Surrender” during the dark days of the Nazi attacks on Great Britain as a motivating inspiration for his countrymen.”Corey Hart (86)

Jenny Fey

“I am very sensitive. It was December 8, 1980. Erika (my first girlfriend) and I had just returned from a movie date. Not sure which one we saw that evening but on the drive back home from dropping her off I heard “Imagine” on the Montreal radio station I always listened to. The DJ announced as the song ended that the legendary John Lennon had just been shot down in New York City in front of his home at The Dakota. I was incredulous. I just sat in the car completely stunned. I raced upstairs to our apartment. My mom was at home as always, sitting alone watching TV by herself. It was close to midnight. We talked briefly about the senseless murder. I looked at her. I heard the music of “Eleanor Rigby.” I told her I needed to compose right away, maybe all night long. I hoped the music droning, pounding, wouldn’t keep her up. I then went straight to my piano. I began to write the nascent dreams of “Jenny Fey.” I thought about my mom’s life. Her melancholy, her utter loneliness. My father had meant everything to her. He was like her existence. She married when she was just 17 years old. Can you believe? When their marriage ruptured after 5 children together, she clung desperately close to her last baby boy, Corey. Ironically, I resembled my father physically more than any of my other siblings. The bond between us is stronger than mighty winds or oceans which might geographically separate us now. Our bond is inviolate. She has always loved me unconditionally. She has always given me the purity of her heart to follow my music. I may not have had a father like I longed for but I had my special Mom. I wrote “Jenny Fey” for Mina Weber Hart. I was 18 years old. Ah, it feels like a century ago but I remember staying up past 4am that December night still working on the choruses, verses. I finished the song by morning’s light.”Corey Hart (86)

It Ain’t Enough

“This may come as a surprise, but it was not for a girl. It was written for all the record labels that kept rejecting me. By late August when I wrote the song, several companies in NYC had already passed on my material. I felt rebuffed again. I couldn’t understand why they didn’t like me? What was I doing wrong? What do they freaking want!? I took these emotions sculpting them it into a love song of unrequited love. Of never quite matching up to their expectations. Never being good enough.”Corey Hart (86)

Sail Away

“It was inspired by the film Sarah’s Key.”Corey Hart (86)

Boy In The Box

“It was written about James Dean. I was often compared to him by the media when people saw me in videos or interviews.”Corey Hart (86)


“Was written for my first child.”Corey Hart (86)

Every Time You Smile

“Was written for my second daughter, Dante.”Corey Hart (86)


“Was written for my third daughter named River.”Corey Hart (86)


“I wrote for our fourth, and last [child – Ed].”Corey Hart (86)
Corey Hart Rain