Isn’t It Strange

“When I was writing it I was paralleling my experience with the music industry in general. So this song, if anything, is about me and the music business, we have this relationship where (after a few years) we’ve realized we’re not right for each other. I have no hard feelings, no problem with the state of affairs but essentially I have to do my own thing, the music business has to do its own thing and the two of us will probably never cross paths again. I’m cool with that, it’s fine, so it’s both a drawn out metaphor and a cute little song about breaking up.”David Ford (115)

Philadelphia Boy

“This is a love song for Philadelphia, my favourite city in the USA.”David Ford (115)

Pour A Little Poison

“This is a song about the first headline tour I ever had in the US. I was booked into a lot of cities that I’d never played in previously, places I’d never been to before, where I had no audience whatsoever. I was driving on my own and it didn’t stop raining. I’d turn up at the show and like nobody came. I think in Charleston literally nobody came to the show. It was a little bit demoralising, it was a fairly miserable week for me but it’s one of the good things about being a songwriter – you’re lowest ebbs and most miserable times tend to lead to the good songs.”David Ford (115)