Spanish Sahara

“I was trying to depict a beautiful nightmare. I wanted it to be chilling and creepy and to paint a picture of this still scene where there’s something horrific but something that you love, floating and haunting you.”Yannis Philippakis (145)


“I hadn’t been living in London that long, we were recording, and I started getting on the tube a lot and started getting that feeling that a lot of Londoners have – of getting claustrophobia – at rush hour tube times and I just wanted to scream everybody away and create emptiness around me. That was what was going through my head at the time of doing the lyrics.”Yannis Philippakis (146)

What Remains

“[Some of the lyrics in the album’s closing track, ‘What Remains’, refer to a period of family therapy, which involved three psychiatrists staring at the Philippakises from behind glass – Ed]: And you’d feel the pressure from behind the glass, being relayed into the room … It felt like being in quicksand. “I do look up to him [his father – Ed], but my mother says that I’ve inhabited his emotional detachment to try and understand him. The person you least understand in the family or is most distant, you become them. And that’s how the cycle continues. You flip the damage on to yourself.”Yannis Philippakis (674)